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The second special two-day event on contemporary "silent" moving image and experimental sound in Nicosia at ARTos foundation

Following the great success of the first Moving Silence event in Cyprus, held in December 2011 at the ARTos Foundation, the second Moving Silence event took place in 2012 within the framework of the 4th X-Dream Festival.  On Friday 14th and Saturday 15th of December 2012, musicians from Germany, Japan, Italy, Greece and Cyprus met at the ARTos Foundation and performed live soundtracks for "silent" video and film works by contemporary creators.  On the second day of this special two-day event, performances took place with unique self-made instruments

Participating were: Marco BrosoloShingo InaonatrYXXaver Xylophon, Costas Lolos (Some-take Trio), Memnon Arestis (Some-take Trio), Markos Ioannou (Some-take Trio), Yiannis Christofides, Kyriakos Efthymiou, Andreas Vrahimis, Kyriakos Efthymiou, Stelios Frangos, Marina Kountouridou, Tomash Ghzegovskyy, Andreas Moustoukis, Marios Nicolaou, Ioanna Frangou, Afrodite Nicolaou & Georgios Stavrou

Moving Silence within the framework of the 4th X-Dream Festival
14 & 15 December 2012 at 20:30

Entrance: €5
For more information:    
t: 22 445 455 
e: info@artosfoundation.org

photo CC BY-NC-ND Antonis Minas


14. December 2012

Animationfilmprogram 1
"(De)construction of Space"

"Last Day of the Republic"
Reynold Reynolds (DE/US) 2010, 08:00 min
music by Yiannis Christofides (CY) & Kyriakos Efthymiou (CY) voice, computer
based on a text by Andreas Vrahimis

"Sleeper in Metropolis"
Sandra Trierweiler, Eva Hartmann, Manuela Hartl (DE) 2008, 05:22 min
music by Some-take Trio (CY) drums, guitar, violin

Andreas Koch (DE) 2010, 03:51 min
music by Some-take Trio (CY) drums, guitar, violin

"Wak Yak"
Erik Janson (SE) 2011, 01:54min
music by Afrodite Nicolaou (CY) bass

Steven Briand (FR) 2012, 01:30 min
music by Afrodite Nicolaou (CY) bass

"Buscam No.2"
Matthias Fritsch (DE) 2001, 03:17 min
music by Shingo Inao (DE/JP) Qgo & piano

"A ras de suelo"
Amanda Lopez (ES) 2010, 05:07 min
music by Shingo Inao (DE/JP) Qgo & piano

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Animationfilmprogram 2
A Selection of Animations from Germany

Cristian Wiesenfeld (DE) 02:30min, 2011
music by Marco Brosolo (IT/DE) electronics, voice, guitar

"Intelligent Design"
Wojtek Skowron (PL/DE) 03:10 min, 2010
music by Georgios Stavrou (CY) electric guitar

Nikki Schuster (DE) 07:00 min, 2010
music composed by Andreas Moustoukis (CY) & performed by Marios Nicolau (CY)

"Zyklus 1"
Xaver Xylophon, Sebastian Lörscher, Benedikt Rugar (DE), Celine Van de Felde (NL) 01:40min, 2009
music by Xaver Xylophon (DE) piano

Xaver Xylophon, Miriam Frank, Georg Utz (DE) 07:00min, 2009
music by Xaver Xylophon (DE) piano



15. December 2012

Focus: Animalfilms


"Oh Dear"
Nicolas Provost (BE) 01:03min, 2004
music by Marco Brosolo (IT/DE)

"Love me or kill me"
Sven Haeberlein (DE) 05:17min, 2010
music by Marco Brosolo (IT/DE) Xaver Xylophon (DE)

Matthias Fritsch (DE) 2012, 06:45min
music by Xaver Xylophon (DE) piano

Maria Papacharalambous (CY) 02:09 min, 2010
music composed by by Marina Kountouridou (CY) and Tomash Ghzegovsky (PL/CY), performed by Tomash Ghzegovsky

"The Dragonfly and the Ant"
Władysław Starewicz (RU) 04:48min, 1913
music by Stelios Frangos (CY) guitar

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Program 2
Solo performances by moving silence musicians with special instruments

Ioanna Frangou (CY) Flamenco-steps-performance for film:
Wojtek Skowron "Urban Legends 1" 2:29min

performance by natrYX (GR)
based on a poem by Mirosluv Holub (CZ)
performance with custom made instrument

performance by Shingo Inao (JP/DE) with selmade instrument Qgo

performance by Marco Brosolo (IT/DE) with self-made instrument AST
3 electronic songs with texts by italian poet Federico Tavan (from new EP "Volo Sbranato" by Marco Brosolo; http://marcobrosolo.jimdo.com/info/ )

The Local Artists

Andreas Moustoukis & Marios Nicolau
Yiannis Christofides & Kyriakos Efthymiou
Georgios Stavrou
Some-take Trio
Marina Kountouridou & Tomash Ghzegovskyy
Stelios Frangos & Ioanna Frangou
Afrodite Nicolaou
Achilleas Kentonis

The International Artists

Anastasia Chrysanthakopoulou aka NatrYX or Anastasia X. is a sound
and visual artist from Athens. She is working on video dance projects,
animations, sound works, solo performances and curating projects. She is
also working as a coordinator and a producer of music events in Greece
and abroad. She is one of the main producers & project coordinators of
Moving Silence.
http:// www.natryx.net

Marco Brosolo is a visual artist, musician and music performer. His work
includes paintings, drawings, videos, conceptual projects as well as
theatre soundtracks. Since 2006 he has been developing a multi-sensor
instrument called AST. He is one of the founders of Moving Silence. He
lives and works in Berlin.

Japanese artist Shingo Inao (a.k.a. "stra.") performs live with a sonification of body movement using sensor-driven techniques using his self-made instruments with tilt and distance sensors. His performances and objects&installations have been shown in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Russia, America and Japan. His first album as solo project "stra." will be released in 2013. Represented by music label "onpa" Tokyo and Gallery Mario Mazzoli Berlin.

These days Xaver Xylophon is making animated short films but in his early years he wanted to become a composer for film music and that's why he convinced his parents to get piano lessons. Even if interests have shifted since then, Xaver still plays the piano and sometimes there comes the opportunity to accompany one of the ongoing projects with some homemade music.

Matthias Fritsch is a Berlin based media artist who works with social
networks and collaborates with artists from all over the world for his silent
videos. He has produced various fictional and poetic short and long films.
Fritsch is one of the founders of Moving Silence.

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