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Festival in Athens 28.-31.03.2013

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The Berlin based platform 'Moving Silence' presents for the fourth year in Athens a festival dedicated to "silent" moving image and experimental sound. For the third time the festival was produced together with the Goethe-Institut Athen.

From Thursday 28th until Sunday31st of March 2013, around 30 musicians from Athens and Berlin meet and perform live soundtracks for "silent" video and film works made by contemporary creators at the Goethe-Institut Athen and the collaborating venue Beton7.
"The contemporary cinema can win back its expressive freedom" the Moving Silence members state. "Any visual style can profit from a sound  language, by using advanced digital technologies as well as old analog techniques. Live performances sustain and amplify the films as musicians can breathe new life into silent cinema, which inappropriately remained silent for such a long time." Encouraging collaboration and exchange between musicians, artists and cinematographers, the Moving Silence platform invites the Athenian audience to an audiovisual experience where experimental image and sound met in unusual and unexpected ways.

In 2013 the festival again distributes a part of the festivals budget and supports local artists. Therefore we host a silent film pitching competition. The winner will get a production-grand of 1000 Euro for a new silent film production.

This year's festival edition will focus on the following subjects:

Animation Film
Three programs will present unknown historic avantgarde-advertisements-clips from the 1910&20s, narrative live animation films by usaginingen, both on 29.3. at Goethe-Institut, Greek animation films from animasyros International Animation Festival + Forum on 30.3. at Beton7 and a compilation of recent German animation films from the filmpool of moving silence on 31.3. at Beton7.

Vocal & Voice
MosivoR, the Moving Silence Voice Orchestra will premier for the first time with three new silent films and Athens based collective Minimaximum will sing for L'Idee, a masterpiece from the 1930s, both on 28.3. at Goethe-Institut.

Landscapes / Soundscapes
The Festival will open with the award winning film Out of Frame by Yorgos Zois on 28.3. at Goethe-Institut, show an experimental drone performance by Nikos Kyriazopoulos on 200km of Albanian Landscape on 30.3. at Beton7 and present abstract, analogue graphic worlds by usaginingen on 31.3. at Beton7.

The international musicians and live performance acts of this year are:

usaginingen (JP) will perform live animations with their self-build machines

on 29th at Goethe-Institut & on 31st of March at Beton7

Co-Founder of Moving Silence Marco Brosolo (IT) will present
for the first time: MosivooR, a choir for silent films on March 28th
& a solo performance on March 29th at Goethe-Institut.

Johanna Borchert (DE) is a driving force in the young and energetic Jazzscene of her birthplace, Berlin. Besides her solo-project she is also the coleader of several bands and will perform on March 29th & 30th.

Johannes Marx (DE) is the singer, producer and guitarist of Pitchtuner. In Athens he will present his solo project between a now melancholic then enthusiastic atmosphere and will perform on March 29th & 30th.

Bruno Spassky (NZ) is the moniker of Bruno Spassky who studied applied Physics at NTUA and worked as sound designer in numerous science fiction movies which have never been published. He performs on 28.3. at Goethe-Institut

This years Greek acts are (in order of appearance):

MiniMaximum improVision is a group of architects and visual artists, that improvise using natural and electronic instruments, sampled sounds, objects and images. They will present a vocal based film soundtrack on 28.3. at Goethe-Institut

Athens based band Miso Mou Pony
performs on 29.3. at Goethe-Institut

Marinos Koutsomichalis will perform
on 29.3. at Goethe-Institut

photo © byChristos Zouliatis

Costinho performs on 29.3. at Beton7

Moa Bones is the personal project of Dimitris Aronis
and mainly inspired by american folk-country, blues
and soul music. He performs on 30.3. at Beton7

photo by Ioanna Chatziandreou

Nikos Kyriazopoulos works on environmental recordings& designs atavistic soundscapes by using self made modular synthesizer. He presents a Drone-Performance on Video-score on 30.3. at Beton7

Georgios Karamanolakis – Analog synthesizers of the
past. Cyberpunk. Post Apocalyptic. Dead Retro-Futurism.
Mysticism. Film. He performs on 31.3. at Beton7

Stefanos Psaradakis performs on 31.3. at Beton7

Mohammad is the project of Coti K., ILIOS and Nikos Veliotis. Having worked separately in the experimental field they decided to join forces in order to study and work on the principles of inter-modulation. They perform on 31.3. at Beton7

Big Fat Lips perform with his laptop and
electric guitar on 31.3. at Beton7

The festival is a production by Moving Silence platform and the
Goethe-Institut Athen in collaboration with Beton7.

The program is curated by Matthias Fritsch & the Goethe-Institut.
The Musicians are selected and coordinated by Nektarios Pappas.
A special thank goes to Sofia Michaelidou!


Moving Silence was originally founded in summer 2009 by the musician Marco Brosolo and the filmmaker Matthias Fritsch with the aim to create events that connect the roots of cinematography to the present aesthetics of image, the live music production and the potential of new technology. From late 2009 the team was joined by Anastasia_X as producer, event coordinator and performer. Moving Silence wishes to constitute a poetic, intercultural and collaborative attempt in times of information overload. It embraces experimentation and merging between contemporary forms of visual and sound by inviting artists from different parts of the world to join in. Moving Silence events have taken place in different cities around and outside Europe.

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