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  network for contemporary silent movies

on Friday, August 1st, 2014 at 21:45 pm
in Freilichtbühne Weissensee, Berlin

After the experience made in many international cities, MOVING SILENCE comes back to Berlin, proposing the synthesis of contemporary silent cinema and live music performance.

On Friday, August 1st, 2014 the Freilichtbuehne Weissensee - Berlin will open its doors at 21:45 pm to a program of silent short films by young international film makers interpreted live by the members of the Moving Silence Orchestra: Matthias Wyder (Sound 8 Orchestra - CH), Toni Kater (DE), Johannes Marx (Pitchtuner - DE), Nachlader (DE) & Marco Brosolo (IT). The live music interpretation make every screening unique, where the sound commentaries are created by poetic inspiration not to imitate the real, but rather to emphasize the images.

In 2009, the musician Marco Brosolo and the video artist Matthias Fritsch founded MOVING SILENCE with the idea of creating events that connect the roots of cinematography with the current aesthetics of image. Since then, numerous films have been collected and performed with live music by musicians from different musical genres ranging from composition to improvisation, electronics and acoustics.

Moving Silence offers to filmmakers and musicians the opportunity to give new life to silent cinema, which has been partially and unjustly "silent" for so long.


The event is made possible thanks to the collaboration with Lichtblick Kino.

Freilichtbühne Weißensee
Große Seestraße 9, 13086 Berlin
Tel. 0152 – 15 77 41 42



01. Kurzschluss (7min by Xaver Xylophon)
      Music by Nachlader

02. Abeyence (7min by Eleni Miltsi)
      Music by Sound8-Super8

03. The useless flowers (6min by Ingrid Wong Tsz Yin)
      Music by Nachlader & Marco Brosolo

04. Der Held (9min by Frank Behnke)
05. Smily (3min by Klaus Beyer)
      Music by Sound8-Super8 & Marco Brosolo

06. FM-biography (7min by Matthias Fritsch)
      Music by K. M. B. trio

07. Hors dóeuvre (5min, by Monica Menez)
08. All At Sea (3min by Andrea Reason)
09. The Force That Through... (8min by Otto Kylmala)
10. Djuma (4min by Michele Bernardi)
11. Cerini (2min by Giovanni De Roia)
      Music by Moving Silence Orchestra


The Moving Silence Orchestra are:
Toni Kater
Johannes Marx (Pitchtuner)
Matthias Wyder (Sound 8 Orchestra)
Marco Brosolo