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December 13th, 2014 at 20:30

An evening dedicated to
contemporary silent moving image
and experimental sound

Within the framework of the
6th X-Dream Festival

- Free admission

Following the great success of Moving Silence in Cyprus in 2011, 2012 and 2013 at ARTos Foundation, Moving Silence took place for the fourth consecutive year in collaboration with the Goethe Institut Cyprus. On Saturday 13 December 2014 at 20:30 around 50 musicians and composers (incl. a choir of 28 children) met at ARTos Foundation & performed live soundtracks on video and film works without sound.


Mute City by Yiannis Georgioudakis, GR 2014, 11'
live music by Nektarios Rodosthenous & Stephanos Koutelis (CY)

I Play Dead by Kaveh Akaber, SE 2013, 14'
live music by Kyriaki Iacovidou & Ergo Sum Children's Choir (CY)

Way of the Flounder by J. Stjärne Nilsson & O. Simonsson, SE 2005, 10'
live music by Tasos Stylianou, Nikos Koukouvinos, Antonis Frangiskou, Marios Solomou (Arte Music Academy Improvisation Ensemble, CY)

Winter in Hell by Enrique Pacheco, ES 2011, 8'
live music by Marianna Suri & Andreas Moustoukis (CY)

The Approximate Present by Filippo Baraccani, DE 2014, 6'
live music by Haris Sophokleous (CY)

Sensa Testa by Michele Bernardi, IT 2010, 5'
live music by Achilleas Kentonis (CY) & Tomash Ghzegovsky (CY, PL)

Cycle by Mor Israeli & Amir Porat, IL 2013, 1'
live music by Nefeli Kentoni, Philippos Chrysostomou, Sara Abraham, Nikolina Kolokotroni, Ioannis Peristianis, Yesim Zaim (CY)

Mr. Tetelin by Lili Kontodima, GR 2010, 8'
live music by Johanna Borchert (DE)

Lullaby by Constantinos Terlikkas, CY 2011, 4'
live music by Johanna Borchert (DE)

Film selection by Matthias Fritsch

The event took place on December 13th, 2014 at 20:30
at ARTos Foundation

For more information:    
a: 64, Ay. Omoloyiton Ave. Nicosia 1080 Cyprus
t: +357 22445455  
e: info@artosfoundation.org

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We want to bring the poetry of silent moving images back to the present!