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  network for contemporary silent film

at the Contemporary Art Center in Thessaloniki (CACT)

Silent film screenings and a GIF-Exhibition on
Friday 10
+ Saturday 11 March 2017


Moving Silence, the Berlin-based platform for contemporary silent film is returning to the Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki for the second time, March 10 -11, 2017, with the support of the Goethe Institut Thessaloniki, in the framework of the 19th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival. Since 2009, the network of international artists has been organizing screenings of film programs without sound with live music. The poetry of silent programmes that goes back to the very beginning of cinema is expressed through the contemporary aesthetics of the digital and analog image, and sound production. The event includes an international program of short films accompanied by live music played by musicians based in Thessaloniki. The entry is free with voluntary contribution

Thessaloniki Contemporary Art Center
Warehouse B1, port area
Thessaloniki 54110 | +30 2310 593270


Friday 10.3.
Film Program "Dream Worlds"

This compilations of 5 contemporary silent short films let the viewer enter into a viriety of poetic, bizzare, bright and dark worlds created by the film makers. The films are all starting from different source materials ranging from documentary footage to paper collages, found objects, aquariums or 3D graphics.


by Armin Mobasseri, DE 2012, 29min

live music by
  Die Stunde der Matronen
by Stea Andreasson & Juergen Eckloff, DE 2009, 15:40min

live music by
George Avramidis, Christos Pappas
by Nikki Schuster, DE 2013, 7min

live music by
Alien Mustangs
by Matthias Fritsch, DE 2011, 7min

live music by
May Roosevelt
  Lost Boy
by Ash Thorp & Antony Scott Burns, USA 2016, 9min

live music by
Costis Drygianakis

Saturday 11.3.
Film Program "The Astray and The Doomed"

This compilations of 9 silent short films brings tragic stories, wandering characters, situations without perspectives to the screen of CACT. The silent projections will be accompanied by greek live musicians.


by Samuli Ala-Lahti, Lina Kuhanen, Mikko Kuoppasalmi, Wilma Kurumaa, Sami Lehti, Patrik Lilja, Silja Minkkinen, Terri Niemi, Vilma Vehmasaho
FI 2015, 4min

live music by Michalis Siganidis and Dimitris Leontsakis
I Play Dead
by Kaveh Akaber, SE 2013, 14min

live music by
Fuku Cosmonaut
Clown Children
by Jannicke Systad Jacobsen, NO 2005, 6:15min

live music by
The Sailing Tomatoes

by Ben Brand, NL 2013, 8min

live music by
Michalis Siganidis and Dimitris Leontsakis
by Norman McLaren, CA 1952, 8min

live music by
Wire Cutters
by Jack Anderson, USA 2014, 9min

live music by
moody alien
MS Stubnitz
by Nikki Schuster, DE 2015, 5min

live music by
Dodeka Daktyla (Thewelve fingers)
Out of Nowhere
by Maayan Tzuriel & Isca Mayo, IR 2012, 6min

live music by
Manos Milonakis
by Xaver Xylophon Böhm, DE 2009, 7min

live music by
Fuku Cosmonaut



(pavlos vakalos)



George Avramidis and Christos Pappas


May Roosevelt



  Michalis Siganidis and Dimitris Leontzakos

The Sailing Tomatoes


  Manos Milonakis

  Alien Mustangs


Moody Alien



Dodeka Daktyla (Twelve Fingers)


Exhibition of GIF-Animations
GIF: Morphologies of a copyleft tale

Patterns & techniques of silent looping images in internet remix culture

Bring your smart phones & tablets to see the Gif-animations!

From laterna magica to the animated digital files, gifs share distinct features with silent film culture. As part of the Moving Silence events, 'GIF: Morphologies of a copyleft tale' explores the open-ended interpretations and design potential in the mashup art of GIF culture. It is realized as an immaterial exhibition, virtually accessible through a pop-up local network that follows the physical venues of the Moving Silence events.

The underlying concept is based on Vladimir Propp's book 'Morphology of the folktale' (1928), where Propp studies the narrative structures of folktales and introduces recurring patterns that come along a story formation. GIFs reflect the anonymous, collective narrative creations from a visual perspective, when a looping micro-fiction propagates through multiple derivative GIFs relating to an initial pattern or element.

The exhibition is a collaboration with the HMKW University of Applied Sciences and the DER FILTER Team in Berlin. The digital infrastructure is put together and hosted on the open source software Librarybox.

"GIF: Morphologies of a copyleft tale" is coded and curated by Mariana Ziku. You can read her latest publication on GIF art, in collaboration with ARTos Foundation and Moving Silence here.


Artistic direction and curation of international film program by Matthias Fritsch (co-founder of Moving Silence)
Music program editing & coordination in Thessaloniki by Eirini Papakonstantinou (curator at SMCA
Technical support for audio and video by MSpirit
GIF Exhibition by Mariana Ziku

The exhibition is a collaboration with the HMKW University of Applied Sciences and the DER FILTER Team in Berlin. The digital infrastructure is put together and hosted on the open source software Librarybox.

A production with the financial and organizational support of Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki. Co-organized with the State Museum of Contemporary Art (SMCA) & the Contemporary Art Center in Thessaloniki (CACT).


In the framework of
19th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival – Images of the 21st Century