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How does it work?

As moving silence we are organizing filmscreenings that present silent videos and films. Those are accompanied by musicians that create a live soundtrack for the films. The basic condition for the selection of a film is: it has to be able to function on its own as a visual piece without any sound.

Submitted films that could work within our events are uploaded as a private video with password protection into our vimeo account. This pool is our working-tool to compile screening programs and invite selected musicians to choose, preview and rehearse the videos that we suggest for an upcoming event. In general the musicians are free to create the soundtracks. If a filmmaker wishes to have only very specific style for the live soundtracks we need to get specific instructions to be able to communicate them towards the musician.

We also give filmpool access to collaborating initiatives that like to organize and host a moving silence event. As long as an external produced program is presented under our network moving silence we do not ask for extra permission from the filmmakers because this event is part of our network. We are documenting all events and programs on our website. If the collaborator is planning to upload the full length films of their produced versions or create copies on DVDs etc. they will need to ask the filmmakers for their permission first. We will forward the filmmakers contact info to the collaborator.

Filmmakers that submit their films to our pool agree to this kind of work and production flow. If a filmmaker wants a strictly limited use of their films we need to get those specific instructions to be able to communicate them within our network.